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Direct and Indirect Speech Exercise


1. "I shall bring my books with me when I come," he said.(I,she}
2. "I want my friend to come with me if he can," I said. (he, she)
3. "My brother may go with me tomorrow," she said. (she, he)

4. "My friend has brought this pen for me," I said. (she, he)
5. "We are waiting for our uncle to meet us," they said. (I, we. he)
6. "I do not think that it will rain today," he said to me. (I said to him)
7. "Iwent to the cinema with my father yesterday," Isaid. (he, she)
8. "I shall meet my friend when the train arrives," he said. (I,she)
9. "We have finished our work now," they said. (I, he, we)
10. "The books which are lying on this table are mine," he said. (she, I)
11. "You have not finished your work," he said to me. (to them. us, her)
12. "Your friends may go with you tomorrow. "they said to her. (him, me)
13. "You are not so clever as your brother," they said to her. (him,me)
14. "Your uncle does not want you to stay with him," he said to them. (us)
15. "You will not be able to finish your work now," I said to them (him, her)
16. "Your father has come to see you," he said to me. (them, us, her)
17. "These books are yours," he said to us. (me, them, her)
18. "You will have to take your lunch with you," they said to him. (me, us)
19. "You cannot gowith your brother tomorrow," they said to me.(us, her)
20. "You are not doing your work properly," he said to me. (them, us, her)
21. "I will go with you," he said to me (I/him: he/her: she/them: he/us)
22. "You are not doing your work properly," he said to me. (them, us, her)
23. "I have found your books," he said to them (I/him: she/us: he/her)
24. "I think that you have deceived me," I said to them {he/me: she/us)
25. "You cannot defeat us," we said to them (they/us)
26. "Your friend is going with me tomorrow," I said to him (he/me:she/us)
27. "My brother will meet you here," she said to me (I/her: he/them: he /us)
28. "I do not understand what you are saying," I said to him {he/them)
29. "We will help you," we said to them (they/us: we/her: they/him)
30. "You are not as clever as I am," he said to me (I/him: he/her: she/us)
31. "Do you play hockey?" I said to him(he/me :he/them :he/us)
32. . "Have you lost your books?" I said to them (I/ him: he/them: he/us)
33. "Will you go tomorrow?" I said to them (they/me he/her : she/him)
34. "How old are you?" Isaid to him (he/me: I/her)
35. "Where do you live?" he said to them (they/him: he/us: they/me: I/her)
36. "Why are you laughing?'' he said to us (we/them: he/me: I/her: she/him)
37. "Did you go to the cinema yesterday?" he said to me (I/them: he/her)
38. "What do you want?" they said to me (I/them: he/us: she/him: he/her)
39. 'When will you meet your friend?" I said to him (he/me: I/her: she/us)
40. "Are you ill?" he said to her (she/me: I/him: he/them: he/us)
41. "May I go with you?" he said to them (I/him: he/me: I/her:she/us)
42. . "Have you seen my book?" I said to him (he/me: I/them:he/us: I/her)
43. 'Where shall meet you?" he said to me (I/him: he/her: she/them)
44. "Can you come with me today?" I said to her (she/him: he/me: I/them)
45. "Why have you come here?" they said to me (to her, to him, to us)
46. "Will you help me?" she said to me (I/them: she/him: he/us)
47. "How long have you been waiting for us?" they said to me (we/her)
48. "Do you understandwhat Iamsaying?" hesaidtome (I/her: she/him)
49. "Have you seen my book?" he said to them (I/him: he/us: she/me)
50. "Will you lendme yourwatch?" Isaid to her (he/me: she/him)
51. "Do you not think that I shall pass?" he said to me (I/him: she/them)
52. "Is this book yours or mine?" he said to me (I/him: he/her: she/him)
53. "When will you come to see us?" they said to me (wet.them:he/her)
54. "What are your doing in my room?" I said to them (he/us: she/me)
55. "At what time do you get up?" he asked me. "At 6 o'clock," I replied.
56. "Do youwant to speak to me?" she asked me."Yes," I replied.
57. 'Why have you come late?" he asked me. "I lost my book," I replied.
58. "How far is the station f rom your house?" I said to him (he/me)
59. 'Where have you put my pen?" he said tome."On the table," I replied.
60. "When will the holidays start?" he asked them. "Next week," they replied.
61. "Can you speak English?" he asked me. "No," I replied.
62. "When will the train arrive?" he asked them. "At 2 P.M.," they replied.
63. "Who are you?" said the robbers to Ali Baba . (I/him: he/them: he/us)
64. "Has the game started?" I asked him. "Yes," he replied.
65. "Can you swim?" he said to me. "A little," Ireplied.
66. ''.How much did you pay for this book?" he asked me. :Rs 5/-," I replied.
67. "May I come in?" he asked the teacher. "Yes," replied the teacher.
68. "Where does your friend live?" he asked me. "Near the station," I replied.
69. "What are those boys doing?" he said. "They are waiting for you," Isaid
70. "Do you think we shall win the match?" Isaid to my friend.
71. "Don't appeal unless you really think the batsman is out." he said to us.
72. "Come to my office tomorrow if you wish to see me," said the Principal.
73. "Show me your extra work this afternoon or I shall punishyou," he said.
74. "Please lend me Rs 10/- as Ihave left my money at home," said myfriend.
75. "Always be kind to the poor and God will regard you," said his father. ·
76. Don't mix with bad company or you will become bad yourself," said my father.
77. "Put on your coat before you go out," Isaid.
78. "Don't make noise while I am out of the room," said the teacher.
79. "Take a start when you are at the bowler's end," said the captain.
80. "Please sing a song for me." said the fox to the crow.
81. "Don't be lazy or you will be punished," said the teacher.
82. "Meet me at Lahore Station at 8 o'clock on Tuesday," he said to me.
83. "Learn to swim so that you may never be drowned, " he said to me.
84. "Come for a shoot with me tomorrow morning," said my friend.
85. "Don't' waste your time or you will fail," said the teacher.
86. ''Take us with you if you go to the cinema," said the boys to the Housemaster.
87. "Don't move from your places until I have left the room," he said to them.
88. "Open fire as soon as they appear," said the Colonel to his men.
89. "Bring your brother with you if he wishes to come," he said to me.
90. "Please reserve a berth for me on the train tonight," I said.
91. "Prepare your work well or you may fail," said the teacher.
92. "Don't be discouraged if you are bowled first ball," said the Captain.
93. "Turn off the fans when you leave the room," he said to them.
94. "Don't lose your books or you will have to pay for them," Isaid.
95. "Try your hardest and you will succeed," said my father.
96. "Have your breakfast before you set out," he said to me.
97. "Stay here until Ireturn," hesaid to them.
98. "Put your books in your desks," said the teacher.
99. "Please don't wait for me if you want to go now" he said to them.
100. "Don't be angry with me, father," said Rashid.
101. "Remember that God's eye is always upon us," said his mother.
102. "What a stupid creature you are!" said the man to the ass.
103. "How glad Ishall bewhen the termends!" said Aslam. 104. "What idle fellows you are!" said the teacher to them.
105. "How beautifully you sing!" said the fox to the crow.
106. "What a fine city Lahore is!" he said.
107. "What a disgrace you have brought on me!" said my father.
108. "How hot it is nowadays!" said Rashid.
109. "How unkind you are tome'." he said to them.
110. "What a lovely smell this rose has'." Isaid.
111. 'What a difficult paper the Principal has set'," they exclaimed.
112. "What a pity it is that we have no money'." said the boys.
113. "How skilfully our Captain plays'." They said.
114. "How brightly the sun shines in the morning'." He said.
115. "What a foolish boy you are to neglect my advice'." Said his father.
116. "How careless you are to lose your note book'." Said the teacher tome.
117. "If you feel ill, go to the doctor," he said to them.
118. "When you reach Lahore, please write to me," said my friend.
119. "If you go to Karachi, where will you stay?" I said to her.
120. "When you finished your work, did you go to bed?" I asked him.
121. "If it rains, what shall we do!" he said to them.
122. "As soon as you see the tiger, fire," said my father.
123. "When you finish this exercise, show it to me," he said to us.
124. "If you see Rashid, tell him to come and see me," he said to us.
125. 'When youmeet your father,give him my regards," I said to Afzal.
126. "If you can't understand, tell me," said the teacher to us.
127. "Let's go for a picnic tomorrow," he said to them.
128. "Let's have a game of cricket to-day," Isaid to him.
129. "Let's go to the cinema this evening," she said to him. 70
130. "Let's bat first if we win the toss," said the captain.
131. "Let's have a rest," he said to me.
132. "Ali Baba is so rich that he cannot count his money," said Kasim's wife.
133. "I will show you the cave tomorrow," said Ali Baba to Kasim.
134. "Someone has been in the cave," said the robber chief.
135. "I cannot take you to the house for I do not know where it is," saidAli Baba.
136. "If you do not find out where he lives, you will be put to death,:said the captain.
137. "Ishall send for the police if you do not tell me where you got the gold," said Kasim to AliBaba.
138. We have no time to lose," said the Captain to his comrades.
139. "Iam your uncle," said the magician to Aladdin.
140. "Iwill give you the lamp when I get out," said Aladdin to themagician.
141.  "If you succeed,we shall both be rich for the rest of our lives," said the magician to Aladdin.
142. "I have not even a bit of bread to give you," said Aladdin's mother.
143. "Ishall sell the lampwhich Ibrought homeyesterday," saidAladdin.
144. "I shall certainly not sell the lamp which has proved so useful," said his mother.
145. "I shall tell you what has happened when I have finishedmymeal," saidAladdin to hismother.
146. "I am deeply in love with the princes," said Aladdin to hismother.
147. "Is it possible that one of your age can see to well?" he said to her.
148. 'What can be the meaning of this mark?" said Morgina.
149. 'Why will the merchant eat no salt with my master?"
150. "Mother, have I an uncle?" asked Aladdin. "No," repliedhismother.
151. "Would you like to keep a shop?" asked his uncle.
152. "Where are you taking me?" said Aladdin to his uncle.
153. "What have I done to be treated so roughly?" asked Aladdin.
154. "Are you mad?" said his mother to him. "No," replied Aladdin.
155. "What business brings you here?" said the sultan to her.
156. "May I be permitted to speak to you on behalf of my son?" said the woman to the sultan. "You may do so," replied the sultan.
157. "What has become of your palace?" asked the sultan.
158. "Can you show me where the palace now stands?" said Aladdin to her.
159. "Where does the mag1c1an keep the lamp?" asked Aladdin.
160. "Why do you complain of your lot?" said Sindbad to the porter.
161. "Will there ever be an end to my troubles?" said Sindbad to himself.
162. "Open this bag and look inside," said Kasim to his wife.
162. "Go to Kasim's house and borrow a measure," said Ali Baba.
163. "Do nothing until Igive the signal," said the captain to his men.
164. "Do as I bid you," said Ali Baba to her.
165. "Tell your mother that I will call and see her this evening," said the magician to Aladdin. "I will do so," replied Aladdin.
166. "Gather some sticks and we will make a fire," said Aladdin's uncle.
167. "Lift up this stone," said the Magician.
168. "Do not touch the walls or you will die instantly" said the magician to Aladdin.
169. "Bring me something to eat, for I am hungry," said Aladdin to his mother.
170. "Mother, go to the Sultan tomorrow," said Aladdin.
171. "Forgive me for the request which I am about to make," she said.
172. "Show me where the palace now stands," said Aladdin to the genie.
173. "Have you seen my new camera?" I said to him. "No," he replied.
174. "Do you wish to go with me?" I said to him. "Yes", he replied.
175. "When you hear the whistle, stop playing," said the umpire.
176. "If Iamlate,don'twait for me," he said to me.
177. "Who are you and what do you want?" he said to me.
178. "When you visited Delhi, did you see your friend?" I said to him.
179. "Are these books yours?" he asked them. "No," they replied.
180. "How can you pass your examinations if you do n work hard?" said the teacher to the boys.
181. "May I go with you tomorrow?" he said to me."Yes,i replied.
182. "If you feel ill, go to the doctor," I said to him.
183. "If the tiger appears, shall I fire?" I asked. "Yes," he replied.
184.  Have you finished your work?" asked the teacher. "Not yet," they said.
185. "If you have no money, how can you go to the cinema?" he asked them.