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Punctuation, Capitals & Apostrophe 's' Exercise four


Use the sentences below to check your knowledge. Try to write them correctly

1. On opening the drawer he found the money gone he informed the police.

2. If you take your fathers advice you will not get into trouble.

3. Last Saturday we went to see a film called snow-white and the seven dwarfs we enjoyed it very much.

4. He asked me if I had heard the news I replied that I had not.

5. I do not believe that this book is yours he said to me.

6. Sher khan defeated hamayun captured agra and proclaimed himself king.

7. The woman understanding the doctors trick refused to pay him anything.

8. The book being interesting I soon finished it.

9. How long have you been waiting he asked about ten minutes I replied.

10. Aurangzeb who died in 1707 was a devout muslim he fought against the marathas the raj puts and the sikhs.

11. Peter may englands captain was the worlds greatest batsman.

12. Are you feeling hungry said the ant to the grasshopper I am very hungry replied the grasshopper why don't you store up food in the summer asked the ant the grasshopper rep1ied in the summer I sing all day long and I have no time to work .

13. The man seeing what was happening raised his axe and cut off the snakes head as he did so he said you deserve to die i saved your life, and you are trying to kill my wife, and children.

14. On reaching Lahore station I saw my friend waiting on the platform well javed he said its good to see you again how are you I m very well thank you I replied and I am g1ad to see you lets get a taxi and go to my home we got in a taxi and soon reached my home where rny parents were anxiously waiting after having something to eat we began to talk ..

15. Having dressed I went to have my breakfast hammida my youngest sister was already there as soon as I entered she said dont forget that we are going to the zoo today hurry up and finish your breakfast its getting late is Rashid coming as well I asked no she replied he has some work to do.

16. Afzal carrying his bat ball and pads called at rashids, house hello Rashid he said come  and play cricket I cant come now replied Rashid Ive got some work to finish well come when youve finished it said afzal how long do you think youll take not more than half an hour replied rashid.

17. On receiving his friends letter of invitation hamid at once went to his fathers room father he said aslam has asked me to stay with him may I go of course you may go hamid replied his father on hearing his fathers answer hamid was overjoyed aslam who had sent him the invitation was his best friend as aslam lived in murree hamid was sure that they would have a fine time together he himself lived in Lahore which is very hot in June.

18 . As midas was sitting in his treasure room a stranger suddenly appeared. before him king midas said to the stranger anything that you wish will be granted think well before you decide midas who loved gold more than anything else at length said I wish that everything I touch may turn into gold your wish is granted said the stranger no sooner had he spoken these words than he disappeared leaving midas filled with wonder.

19. As the father and son were riding along on the ass they met two men one said to the other look at those two persons riding on such a small ass how cruel they are hearing these words the father told his son to dismount when they had gone a little further they again met two men one of whom Said to the other why is that man riding on the ass and making the poor boy walk.

20. Seeing the fox down the well goat called out mr fox what are you doing down there I am having a drink of nice cool water replied the fox who had really fallen down the well and could not get out the goat not understanding the foxs trick thought that she too would like a drink of water so she jumped

down into the well.

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