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Punctuation, Capitals & Apostrophe 's' Exercise three


Use the sentences below to check your knowledge. Try to write them correctly

1. Clive who had returned to India easily defeated the nawabs forces.
2. Ali baba on entering the cave saw many gold silver and copper coins.
3. Seeing the danger the leader called out to his men to take cover.
4. I said to him how lazy are you why don't you pay attention.
5. Bairam khan akbars guardian defeated hemu the hindu general at panipat hemu was killed after the battle.
6. I asked him if he knew urdu he replied that he spoke only Punjabi.
7. On entering the cell the king saw four prisoners he said to the first what crime did you commit I committed no crime replied the prisoner.
8. I said to aslam when will you reach home I shall reach home on Tuesday replied aslam.
9. The examinations being finished the boys went to their homes.
10. Father have you forgotten that gods eye is upon us said his son.
11. Why are you wearing a coat he said to me its cold I replied.
12. As the months of may june and july are very hot in Lahore many people go to the hills its very pleasant there in the hot weather.
13. Yesterday afzals father said to him if you work hard you will pass.
14. The sailors thinking that the boat would sink lowered the life-boats all of them were saved.
15. Having received a leave letter Rashid went to his uncles house on Sunday his uncle was pleased to see him.
16. How far is it to Lahore he asked them its 150 miles they replied.
17. What beautiful scenery exclaimed afzal lets take some photos.
18. Philip duke of Edinburgh is the queens husband he is keen on cricket.
19. Ali babas brother whose name was kasim was very jealous of his good fortune he decided to visit the cave himself.
20. Humayun's brothers were named kamran hindal and askar.