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Some uses of 'A'



Use 'an' instead of 'a' before a vowel or a silent 'h';
e.g. an axe, an egg, an inkpot, an owl, an uncle, an honest man.
But when 'u' & 'eu' sound like 'y', use 'a' and not 'an'; e.g. a union, a university, a European war.

General Use

 He is brave
 He is a brave man
 The film was good
 The film was a good one
 It was hot
 It was a hot day


Use 'a' in the following cases:

 Make a noise
 quite a good game
 a large number of
 Have a rest
 a bit better
 a great deal of
 Have a bath
 at a speed of
 a large amount of
 Go for a picnic
 it was a good thing
 a (one) hundred
 Go for a walk
 as a result of
 a little later
 Play a trick on
 to a certain extent
 a few days later
 Make a fool of
 a waste of time etc.
 after a few days
 Have a good time
 in a majority
 a kind (sort) of

Don't use 'a' in the following cases:

 Enjoy good health
 Have bad luck
 Get employment (get a job)
 Get hurt
 It was great fun
 It caused me great pain
 Take exercise
 What fun it was!
Never use 'a' ·or 'an' before a word which has no plural. i.e. Never say: a work, a scenery, an advice, a newsa poetry.