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Punctuation, Capitals & Apostrophe 's' Exercise two


Use the sentences below to check your knowledge. Try to write them correctly

1. As soon as the term ends I shall go to Peshawar my uncles home is there.

2. Shahjahan whose wifes name was mumtaz mahal built the taj mahal.

3. What are you doing he asked me I am doing my extra work I replied.

4. There is a holiday for all muslims on monday there will be no work on that day most people will attend prayers at the mosque.

5. Everest the highest mountain in the world is in the Himalayas its height is over 29000 feet it has been conquered only once.

6. The first three mogul emperors were babur humayun and akbar.

7. Tipu the sultan of mysore died in 1799 he was haider alis son.

8. The stag being a vain creature was very proud of its antlers.

9. If my fathers friend arrives on Monday we shall leave for Lahore on Tuesday it will take us five hours to reach there.

10. The boys father realizing that his son was idle warned him to work harder his son promised to do so.

11. Charles dickens an English writer was the author of a book called a tale of two cities its a very interesting story.

12. Although he knows hindi urdu and Punjabi he cannot speak English.

13. Aslam Rashid and afzal who are my brothers friends are coming to see us on Wednesday we shall all go shooting together.

14. The dog being a faithful creature would not leave its dead master.

15. I asked him where his uncles house was he replied that he did not know.

16. Hearing a noise I turned round and called out who is there.

17. The Indus which is Pakistans longest river flows into the Arabian sea.

18. When the dog saw its master it began to wag its tail.
19. Having put out the giants eve the greeks escaped to their ships.

20. How beautiful these flowers are he exclaimed where did they come from.