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Use of Apostrophe 'S'


The boy's books.      --   the books of the boy.
The boys' books.      --   the books of the boys.
The man's work.       --   the work of the man.
The men's work.       --   the work of the men.
The child's toys.       --   the toys of the child
The children's toys.  --   the toys of the children
The horse's tail.        --   the tail of the horse.
Pakistan's army.       --   the army of Pakistan.


(a)  Don't use apostrophe's' except with a living possessor or a country.
      e.g. the door of the room (Not: the room's door)
(b)  It's = it is.  e.g.  It's very hot.
       Its = his. e.g. the dog ate its food.
(c)  Ours, yours, theirs and hers do not have an apostrophe .
(d)  Only use apostrophe's' when the next word belongs to the word with the apostrophe.
       It is not used in sentences such as:
  •        He plays with friends whenever he gets a holiday.
  •        The boys put their books in the cupboard.
( e)  Use an apostrophe in cases such as:
  • in three days' time
  • one day's leave.
  • in one hour's time
  • three days' leave.