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Punctuation, Capitals & Apostrophe 's' Exercise one


Use the sentences below to check your knowledge. Try to write them correctly

1. I said to aslam where do you live I live in Lahore he replied.

2. As he was a pathan he did not understand urdu.

3. Birbel who was akbars friend was a hindu akbar loved him dearly.

4. While I was sleeping some thieves stole my money my watch and my pen.

5 . Fazl Mahmud pakistans best all-rounder can bowl bat and field well.

6. Babar having number of guns defeated ibrahim lodi the sultan of delhi at panipat this battle was fought in 1526.

7 . Where are you going he asked them we are going to Lahore they replied.

8 . The man seeing the snake tried to cut off its head with his axe.

9 . Seeing some books on the table I said to him are these books yours.

10 . In akbars reign which lasted for 49 years the hindus were well treated.

11. Whose book is this he said to me its mine I replied.

12. As the rain was very heavy the ravi overflowed its banks.

13. Aurangzeb who was Shahjahans son treated the hindus cruelly the results was that the Sikhs, marathas and rajputs turned against him.

14. The english having a strong navy defeated the french in india.

The stag thought that its horns were fine its was ashamed of its legs.

16. Is this book yours I said to him no he replied .

17. My friends father who is a rich merchant lives on the mall road.

18. The day being wet the boys could not play cricket hockey or football.

19. Seeing two books lying on the f loor the teacher asked whose they were.

20. Last sunday we saw a very good film it was called the thief of baghdad.