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  • This cloth is superior to that. (better than)
  • This paper is inferior to that. (worse than)
  • He is senior to (junior to) me.
  • This cloth is similar to that.
  • The Russians are hostile to the Americans. (unfriendly towards)
  • His brothers were kind to (cruel to) him.
  • I prefer cricket to hockey (Cricket is preferable to hockey).
  • He invited me to dinner.
  • He introduced me to his father.
  • He fastened his horse to a tree with a rope. (tied)
  • I told him to his face that he was a liar.


  • I accused him of stealing my pen.
  • I informed him of my plans.
  • He was dying of fever but the doctor cured him of it.
  • He was acquitted of the charge. (found not guilty of)
  • He was convicted of the charge. (found guilty of)
  • I had a car but I have now disposed of it. (got rid of)
  • I do not approve of your conduct. (like)
  • The boys took advantage of the teacher's kindness.
  • I went in search of my friend.
  • They made fun of me.
  • I was not aware of that. (I did not know that)
  • What was the cause of his failure? (reason for)
  • He was ashamed of his behavior.
  • Aurangzeb's treatment of the Hindus broke up the Mogul Empire.
  • His brothers were jealous of his good fortune.
  • The jug was full of water.
  • He was proud of his success.


  • We went on foot and on the way we felt very tired.
  • I congratulated him on passing his examination.
  • They are on bad terms with each other.(on good terms, on friendly terms, on speaking terms)
  • I took my revenge on him.
  • He was standing on the verandah.
  • The examinations start on March 1st.
  • I set out on my journey on April 1st.(set out on a voyage)
  • We learn much on the playing field (on the battle field)
  • They played a trick on me.
  • He went on a pilgrimage to Mecca.
  • You should concentrate on your studies.
  • We were surrounded on all sides.

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