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  • He was charged with theft. (He was charged with stealing a watch)
  • I am fed up with work.
  • With one blow of my fist I knocked him senseless.


  • He was waiting at the station. (on the platform)
  • The train stopped at every station.
  • It was travelling at a speed of 30 mph. (at full speed)
  • My home is at a distance of 3 miles from the station.
  • He is good at games.
  • They laughed at the beggar and threw stones at him.
  • He fell at the King's feet and begged for mercy.
  • I sold my car at a large profit. (at a profit of 20%)
  • Open your books at page 60.
  • I was surprised at his answer.


  • I have been waiting for ten minutes.
  • I bought (sold) my watch for Rs 50/-.
  • I exchanged my watch for a pen.
  • I set out for Lahore early in the morning.
  • What was the reason for your absence?
  • The Housemaster is responsible to the Principal for the discipline in his house.


  • What is the time by your watch?
  • I went by train. (by rail , by plane, by air, by road, by car, by bus)
  • I caught him by the throat. (arm. ear etc.)
  • He was late by one hour. (He was one hour late)
  • We should profit by our mistakes.
  • He was accompanied by his friend.


Different from, difference between, to walk along a road, agree to a proposal , agree with anyone, busy with or at, angry about anything, angry with anyone, in this way, disguised as, sorry for anyone, sorry about anything, score a goal against. anxious about.